Hi Guys, firtstly let me apolgise if i have posted in the wrong section its my first post on the site, I am feeling very frustrated at the moment, I just purchased easycap 60, and Ulead videostudio 11, and I cant do anything with it, I am running windows 7, I want to capture some old VHs movies, I have the video conected to the tv by co-axal, and connected to the easycap by s-video, the video is playing perfect through the tv, when I open videostudio and click capture firstly I get unable to switch to capture mode, then when it fully loads I get the 4 boxes in the source box I have, usb2 ATV, realtek2831u bda filter, another analogue tv or source, HDV source, the next box is format which is always on mpeg, the option button and the capture video button are both greyed out, everytime I try to change the source button to anything else it hangs for a sec then reverts to realtek2831u bda filter, any advice would be appreciated, thanks