What's going on guys? Not sure if this was the right board to post this but I was hoping some of you could give me suggestions and thoughts.

Here is the deal. At the moment I am in the middle of my first year at Film School(VFS) and in a couple terms we stream into a specialization - Film Production, Animation and digital design. Second year I have no doubts I am going into Film Production but for first year my editing teacher brought up a good point where he recommends if a student is looking to be a director or editor they should stream into something other then film. I guess having a background in animation makes you an even better editor(I forgot the reasons, he mentioned understanding theory and pacing more)

I do want to be an editor/create my own passion projects or whatever so I am really thinking about streaming into animation now. I can sit in on all the film classes which I plan on doing(mostly cinematography).

What do you guys think? Does it sound logical to stream into something like animation or digital design if you are wanting to go into film/be an editor second year?