This is my first post here. I did do a quick search, although I'm in a bit of a hurry and didn't really have time to explore for these answers which I'm sure have been asked before. Condemn me to hell after you help me.

I've done a bit of video work in the past, but not much - and a long time ago so I'm pretty rusty, my questions are fairly simple.

Few details:
-AVS Video Converter
-Premiere Pro CS3
-Encore CS3

I need to edit some 1080i, 29.97fps, MPEG4 video, and burn it to a stardard DVD. My measly dual-core can't handle editing the raw 1080i video in Premiere - so I'm currently using AVS Video Converter to convert/compress the 1080i video into "DVD NTSC compatible - (MPG2, 4000 kbps, 720x480, 29.97 fps)"

Does this sound right so far? This conversion is going to take several hours, so if this is wrong, please stop me now.

Once this is done, I'd like to import the new videos into Premiere and start chopping them up.

But I'm not sure about what startup settings to use in Premiere? What about Export settings aswell? I want to make sure that the video won't get recompress once I export to Encore - I just want to chop up the video and export it without any additional compression.

Thanks for you help in advance, I appreciate it!