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Thread: Rendering with Interlaced setting.

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    Default Rendering with Interlaced setting.


    I am shooting in HDV, my camcorder only shoots in Interlaced.

    So it is best to render using the interlaced settings in Sony Vegas?

    My question is what is the interlaced rendering setting in Sony Vegas?

    Cheers, I hope someone can help as I dont want the fuzzy lines when I burn the film to DVD.

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    If you're rendering to DVD video, render MPEG2 and choose the DV NTSC/PAL (depending on area) (Widescreen if desired) option.

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    Interlaced normally to view on a proper TV

    see is upper or lower frame is on the clips and set the same for the render settings.

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    So the interlaced setting is upper or lower field?

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    Check the properties of the footage to see which field order it is and duplicate it in the render settings. Example usually for SD footage it is lower field first. BUT check your footage properties to see what you have. You do that by right clicking on the clip and select properties.

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    I right clicked the footage and it is lower field. So do I need to change it to upper field as I am using HDV footage? Do I need to change it to upper field on all the settings?

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    If the clip properties say it is lower field then I would keep it on that in your render settings.

    The interlace option is fine if you are going to Burn a DVD or watch the movie on a TV screen. They are made for interlaced video BUT if you are going to put it on YouTube or watch it on a computer monitor then I would set it to Progressive as computer screens tend to be made for progressive.

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