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    Default Dead Infection - College Project

    Hey, this is a short film that i did for my college media coursework. Its the first ever film i have tried to make properly. It is not very long because it is a opening sequence. I used Adobe after effects to do this (even to add the sound and do the editing as i dont have a proper editing program).

    Anyway, please comment and criticise my work as much as you want, it will help me

    Also, i am sorry that it is a typical zombie film, but hey, im young.


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    Hi, I am also a beginner so I can only tell you my opinion which may or may not be correct.

    I liked it overall, but I am not sure about the music at the start. I think the faintest sound of crying, slowly getting louder as the men approach the stairs would have been stronger. For me, that would have told the story of them looking for somebody in need of help, and when she turned crazy and ran at them, the shock would have been even greater. The music sort of tells you that she's a wrongun

    I really liked that scene by the way, it was my favourite in the film.

    The only criticism I have is that this edit didn't really tell much of a story, but I am guessing that is because it wasn't meant to be watched without the rest of the film?

    Good work though!

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    Thank you for your reply

    Yeah it was just meant to be a opening sequence to a film, because that was my college project.

    I did actually make the crying slowly get loud, but because i edited it all in Adobe After effects, it was hard to do in the program as it doesnt have many sound options.

    I hopefuly will be making it into a series of episodes

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    I kind of liked the over all modern look of the video. The sound recording wasn't bad but could have been better. The affects where well done not to overwhelming. Not sure the zombies where right but how really knows what a real zombie is like.

    The editing was reasonable the acting was ok.

    If you follow the theme of what I'm saying it's all just OK, nothing stands out but for a first movie, IT IS A REALLY GOOD EFFORT.

    I now feel as though I'm being harsh saying that.

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    Like Midnight, I liked the colour coding. Fitted the theme well and the effects were quite well done (though they did look like effects rather than real - a bit more work required in that area - not that I can do FX at all) and not too overused.

    And now the same old Tim S comments:
    I didn't like the hand held camera at the beginning. Keep it rock steady - especially as it will give even greater contrast when you use the shakey camera to good effect in the action scenes later.

    Plan your shots. You "crossed the line" a couple of times which really throws the viewer. For example at 0:35 you cut from a shot which has the actors moving right to left to one which has them moving left to right. This should be avoided unless you are doing it for a specific disorienating effect. Either keep them travelling in the same direction or insert a neutral shot or a cutaway.
    Similarly the sequence of shots around 1min have the camera jumping from one side of the action to the other. You get the idea?
    There is some sort of possibly related problem with continuity when we first see the zombies (from behind) chasing the heros. We cut from seeing the guys running away from something (but nothing in shot behind them) to a shot from behid the zombies. I'm not quite sure what's wrong here but it doesn't quite work for me.

    Nevertheless a very good effort which shows bags of promise. I even like the fact you felt the need to apologise for it being a zombie movie.

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    It was well shot & edited & the sound was good.

    You got the bad language & the violence & the special effects which passes for film making these days but you totally left out the originality which should surely be integral to every film instead.
    What I'm saying is I didnt see anything that made me want to see any further episodes.

    And the zombies just looked like teenagers after a night out in Basildon!


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    Nice to get some more feedback, so thank you

    With reguards to the shakey camera, the sad thing is we didnt get a tripod till half way through filming, as you noticed the camera suddenly was still. However i am saving up for all my own equipment atm (As all the stuff i used was from school)

    I also noticed i crossed the 180 rules, i see it everytime i watch the film and it gives me a really bad feeling as it was really obvious. However i did not notice i did it at the start, so that helps me alot to understand it more, so thank you for pointing that out.

    Im still currently learning how to use Adobe After Effects properly, when i made this i had only practiced using it for about 2 weeks, im trying to polish off what i know, as i do think it was obvious that they were effects, currently working on that atm.

    Im glad the acting was okay, im happy with that, more than happy, considering i just used my mates that dont act at all I just needed some people to throw into the film, its kind of why i have hardly any speach.

    All of your points have helped me alot in my understanding, so thank you alot. The next one is going to be alot better planned and more than just a college project

    This forum has been very helpful and friendly!

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    It scared me a lot as the zombies seem to be getting faster these days.
    Colour grading was quite good giving a cold sinister effect, perhaps the rain added to that.
    The special effects were okay... not sure about the effect of the head being blown off though.
    I would have liked to hear a bit of movement music to increase the tension or maybe a heartbeat perhaps.
    Generally good.
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