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    I'm completely new to the professional world, right out of college looking for jobs to get started in, hopefully in freelance video editing. I've found a few postings so I made this demo reel with the best stuff I had. The only section that can be added is one for my theatrical production filming, but none of the places I'm applying will be looking for that so I just left it out. Please be honest but helpful with me as I'm completely new to all of this. Being straight out of college I don't have a terribly large body of work so I tried to pick the best of what I did have. Look forward to hearing from you all.

    George Doss
    "The Genius Chicken"

    EDIT: I realize now most people don't feel like downloading a video just to watch it one time. Lesson learned. Here's a link to it on creative COW. Enjoy.

    First Ever Demo Reel - Creative COW
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    and a quick bump to move it back up

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    Looks pretty good. I felt like it was a bit random and drawn out in places, though. I understand how you wanted to start out with a bit of an action sequence, but I'd recommend starting with the training video footage because it looks more professional.

    And although it contains some great choreography, I'd take much of the "Fight" short film out completely as it very much looks like some teenagers goofing around (no offense). Don't take it out completely, though, because it does say "I can do action stuff, too." Same thing with the Emo virtual band contest clips.

    Cut back the wedding video as well. Keep the kiss and the flower girls (but trim that a bit), but cut the preacher out completely because you can't hear him.

    I liked the Psycho SWAT short. Brings a little comedy to the demo real

    All in all, trim a bit here and there and lead with your very best (quality & impress factor) work.

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    You're spot on about FIGHT because that's pretty much what it was. I have some effects shots in there, I cloned one of the actors multiple times on-screen and also punched his head off (that one looks cheesy though) so maybe I should put the cloning bit in there instead. I put the virtual band clips in there just to show that I can an award-winning music video as well, seeing as it did win me $1000 and a $5000 prize package with first class airfare to L.A.s MTV Studios to shoot another video there (is there a better way to put that info in there?) I agree with the wedding stuff I hated that they had no mics when it was shot they just handed me crap and said "make something." Perhaps I'll start with the beginning of the training video as it is action sequence like as well. Thanks for your help and I'll post the edit soon.

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    Not really much to add to what BroChris has said. Except to leave out the Fight and Psycho SWAT movies as they doesn't stand up quality wise to the rest of the videos.

    A show reel should show your very best stuff and if that means leaving things out that are dear to you personally because they are not up to quality, then I recommend doing that. I'm not saying there is anything particulally wrong with them, it's just that they standout to me as not as good as the other clips. So from an editing view, "when in doubt, cut it out".

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    Alright two different edits here. Not much difference other than edit #3 does NOT include Psycho SWAT and FIGHT! as per midnight's suggestion. Take a look at both and tell me what you think!

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    I think it's better but it lacks your logo.

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    Any ideas on where I should put that Midnight? Beginning, end or maybe superimposed in the corner somewhere? I also assume you mean just the graphic and the not the full video on my website. Sorry that #2 was private. I fixed that so you can watch if you'd like. Thanks for your comments!

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    I always put my logo at the end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    I always put my logo at the end.
    It's just occurred to me what a good idea that is.

    If someone doesn't like the film they won't watch to the end, so they'll never know who made it.

    If you stick it at the front, after they've seen two films by you that the don't like, when they see the ident at the beginning of the third, they'll just assume they won't like it and won't watch

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