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Thread: How can i make this transition effect ?

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    Question How can i make this transition effect ?

    Hey Guys! I'm new around here. My name is Tavi & I'm from Romania.
    I keep seeing this effect for a while in many videos, and i would like to know how it's done, or what is it's name at least..

    The transition i'm looking for is the one at 0:24...that colourfull one. I have noticed that all transitions of that kind are loking differently, so i assume it's not a standard transition included in any software. I am using Sony Vegas 9.0. Please help me. THANKS
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    I don't know if it has a name (probable does but I don't know it).

    It is however just a piece of media that has been used to fade through. You could use anything, just put a piece of media of about 2 seconds or so between the two clips with fade in and out. I think they have put a lens flare on it as well.

    I think they have tried to simulate a film burn.

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    thanks for the answer. i will try it as soon as i get home from work

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    Default Possible transition effect/match

    While testing something else I noticed your question. It looks like they may have applied the Flash transition in Vegas, from what I can see. Effect appears about 0:32 seconds into the video. The blob I created here occurs because I have a masked copy of the video overlaid on the conventional version, and both video tracks have the same transition imposed, but slightly offset, and with some custom color settings.

    What I see in your example though, looks like it might have been made mainly using the "stock" Yellow Flash preset that's been part of the standard transition presets since before Sony acquired Vegas, back when it was called Video Explosion.

    [ame=""]Flash begins @ 0:32 secs[/ame]

    This is not an exact match though, so I'm thinking it might be one of the many Dissolve transitions, applied as earlier suggested, to a high contrast bit of media, that looks like a whip-pan into the direct sun or something similar. The following example switches between several Dissolve formats, using Keyframes to manage the transitions. It's quick and dirty, in this case, but given more time I expect I could find a very close match using the right combination.

    [ame=""]Dissolve transition with switching effects[/ame]
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