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Thread: Seemingly random events on timeline are blank (not a "Media Offline" issue)

  1. Default Vegas Pro 9.0: Events on timeline are blank (not a "Media Offline" issue)

    Like I said in the thread title, this isn't a problem that arose from me importing a file into the project and then renaming or deleting that file after the fact. The file used is intact and has not been altered or moved in anyway.

    When I open the project, anywhere from three to five random events will be blank with no thumbnail pic or anything, and it doesn't even read "Media offline" as it would if that were the case. No thumbnail picture, and when I try to view it, the video preview screen is blank.

    This only started happening after I downloaded the latest update. Suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: Tried uninstalling and reinstalling Vegas to lose the update. I did that successfully, but I'm still having the same problem. There may be a corrupt file somewhere.

    How can I figure out which file is corrupt?

    I've also been getting a message that reads:

    "An error occurred while creating a proxy file for a stream.
    Error 0xc00d002f."

    I'm thinkin that since I only started getting this problem after Vegas first gave me this prompt, it may also have something to do with it. Also, all my audio events now say "Peaks not available," which is also something that never happened before.

    Also, another problem I get is that I'll highlight a section of events and try to use the Build Dynamic RAM Preview feature (Shift+B), but it always freezes.
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    Anyone? This is pretty much making Vegas impossible to use.

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    I get "media offline" when I do not have enough system recources (probably memory).

    If I wait a while then the media comes back presumably because the OS (XP) has cached the memory of other programms.

    Maybe the version that you uploaded to is more powerful/resource hugging? => More memory?

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    I've had the same problem. I've installed the same copy of Vegas 6 on an XP computer and a Vista comp, and have had the same problem crop up in what seems like a random manner. The only thing that I can link it to is if I'm pushing the limits of my memory or if I've been editing for hours on end. Vegas just seems to get a little wacky and starts forgetting to render random frames. If I have a huge project (like 3 hours with 20-30 clips) and I start putting all kinds of filters and multiple FX on them, that's when it starts to happen. I've learned to simply break my projects up into smaller chunks, render them and stitch them together at the end.

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