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Thread: gear for live concert

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    Default gear for live concert

    im looking for camera recommendations for a live concert tour.

    I will use them with an edirol V4 mixer to project them as a background for a rock band. I will like to mix Footage with 2 or 3 cameras. What cameras can you suggest?

    I''m not looking for something super pro. Do your think small cameras attached to the microphones stands or stationary cameras can work? i need models and brands.

    I don't need audio, just video

    thank you very much, I'm new to video

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    when you talk about security cameras, can this work?
    Mace | CAM50MH-BLK Mini Color Dome Camera | CAM50MH-BLK | B&H
    Sony | SSC-CD49 Color Mini Dome Camera | SSCCD49 | B&H Photo
    EverFocus | 550 TVL Discreet Mini Cylinder Style | EM-C500NHWX
    Sony | EVI-D100 1/4" CCD Remote Control | EVID100 | B&H Web Ready 4 Channel H.264 DVR Security System

    i like this idea because we don't need camera operators.
    we are going to output this images to a led screen.

    How many cameras do you think we need to get good images for the screen. its a 3 musicians band.

    thank you for the quick response and advice Paulears.

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    what camera do you recommend to be out front or what specifications do i have to look to make a good decision?

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