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Thread: Best format for uploading???

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    Default Best format for uploading???

    Hi Guys. Been off the internet for a couple of years. Mostly using Video Studio Pro X2 to make DVD's only.

    Am on a road trip across Australia, and need to know how to get the best quality playback format pre conversion for U-tube.

    Have used Super C for FLV conversions from AVI, and they look pretty ordinary considering I captured them in HD to begin with. The sound is great, but the image quality is akin to something captured on a telephone cam.

    Should I be downloading in HD pre conversion? What about H.264? Am on wireless mobile broadband, which is quite expensive, so apologies for not reading more on this site, or googling.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    The jury is still out on what the best format is for YouTube. I guess we all fine our own way with this.

    I upload mpeg2 but if you want to keep it HD you could use .m2t files. These seem to be the best compromise between file size and quality for me. Someone suggested making .wmv files with the H.264 codec, I tried it but wasn't as happy with it as the mpeg2 but his footage is usually really good. I guess a lot might be to do with what you are starting with and what you use to do the conversion/render.

    I keep the bit rate around 8-9Mb per second and just so YouTube will give me the 720p, I render the footage to 1280 x 720 even though I'm only sending SD footage.

    You would want to render in progressive mode as most computer monitors will play that back better than interlaced.

    Hope you find some of this info useful.

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