First, let me point out that the video has perfect audio. There is no audio stuttering or desync problems. I am recording videos from video games, mainly Super Smash Bros. Brawl replay files.

Now, I have the EasyCAP program using the Vista/7 drivers. It records video and audio just fine using the program that comes with it: Ulead Video Studio SE. I also use Pinnacle Studio 12 as it seems to save videos in better quality.

My problem is when I save videos on either program, every few seconds of video there is a "choppy" or "stutter" in the video as if there were frames lost or sped up. The audio and video stay synced the entire time, but that stuttering is hurting the video's quality.

I have noticed it happens more frequently in Ulead than it does in pinnacle studio 12, but the problem remains there for both.

My capture settings ranged from low to mid to high and it seems nothing is changing the stuttering video every 5-10 seconds.

Here are my current normal capture settings for both programs, according to several "Best Video Quality" guides on youtube and online forums:

-720x480 (Game is set in widescreen)
-Data Rate 6000-8000 (Recommended, but I have tried lower and higher with no different results)
-Sound is 16bit Stereo w/ 48kHz Sample Rate
-Constant Bitrate set. Not Variable Bitrate.

I use Windows 7 PC, have an Intel Pentium D CPU 3.00GHz, and 4GB of RAM. My Graphics Card, which is a GeForce 8800 GT with recently updated drivers. Also, I turned off all my background programs so my PC can use no extra memory and focus only on the capure card and the capture program.

So, what seems to be my problem? Is it my Capture device? My capture program? My capture settings? Something else?

tl;dr version:

-Audio captures perfectly
-Video stuttering every 5-10 seconds regardless of capture program
-Using EasyCAP with Windows Vista/7 drivers
-Capture settings are:
Bitrate 6000-8000 (recommended by guides)
I have tried lower and higher with no different results
720x480 (Game is set in widescreen)
Sound is 16bit Stereo w/ 48kHz
Constant Bitrate set. Not Variable Bitrate.
-Using Ulead Video Studio SE and Pinnacle Studio 12
-GeForce 8800GT Video Card