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Thread: Convert 8 mm films to DVD

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    Default Convert 8 mm films to DVD

    I have lots of old 8 mm fils (regular and super that i want to convert to dvd. i need advice as which hardware should i buy that can handle both 8 mm and super 8 mm.
    1- it should be easy to use
    2- i dont want to pay a lot

    hazem zein el abedin

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    Default Super 8 to dvd

    The cheapest and easiest way is to project the super 8mm movie on a screen with your favourite projector, then set up you camcorder to video the picture(which if you project as a small picture, makes it very clear)then capture and edit as usual.I have done dozens of home movies like this. Ensure that the room is dark and there is no distracting sounds(or plug something into your camera mic to prevent sound recording(I presume the super 8 was without sound.

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