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Thread: Christian vs. Church Goer (a Mac vs. PC parody)

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    Default Christian vs. Church Goer (a Mac vs. PC parody)

    Been lurking around these forums. Lots of helpful things here! Wanted to share a short video I just finished to get some feedback from you. I'm going to be making a video per week for the next several weeks.

    I don't have any commercial software like many of you, so I made this mostly in Wax 2.0. Also used Audacity to clean up the audio, and VideoPad Video Editor (from NCH software) for some of the color balancing.

    I do want constructive feedback, but I realize that neither the audio nor the video are very clean. I didn't think much before actually filming this, so I had to work with the footage that I had. If you have any tips as to how to get better footage, I'd love to receive them.

    Anyway, I'm rambling. Here's the video.

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    I liked the script and the clarify of the actor's diction.

    Is the quality of the video image because of the limitations of the camera? Or is was it made with an incredibly expensive camera; and the wrong settings were used?

    The audio and video don't appear to be in sync. I am hoping VideoPad can be used to make the adjustment.

    The audio sounds like there was alot of echo/reberb in the room. Could that be reduced?

    (What I found interesting, but am not skilled to understand; is that some of the cuts between the 2 actors looked correct, but some did not. Perhaps sometimes their eyes did not feel like they were looking at the correct place; or perhaps the cut was too slow or fact.)

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    The quality of the video was due to several things. It was shot from a point and shoot camera, in a small room with lots of echo, and against a green wall which I wanted to use as a green screen, but was lit poorly. So I had to play around with the color balance a lot in VideoPad in order to get rid of the green, but still keep some color in the actors.

    I think the video/audio sync problem came in due to uploading to Youtube. This has happened to me before. Any way to be sure to avoid it?

    Do you know of a good test to determine if a room is good to shoot in (in terms of audio)?

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    You could really do with a separate microphone to be able to get in closer to the people.

    You would never dream of shooting the video from a hundred yards away so why would you record the sound from so far away. The sound is just as important as the visuals.

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    Loved the script and the characters. Well acted. Gets the message across very well. I didn't really have a problem with the cuts (and I watched a second time after reading Tim A's comments). The video quality has problems, which you're now aware of and I'm sure will improve on next time (nothing wrong with point and shoot video cameras, if that's what you're using, output from low end stills cameras and phones might be a problem)
    Sound: ruins it. Either get a mic close up or use a second camera close up or just something, anything, close up. Exactly as Midnight says (except I'd say sound is more important than the visuals in a film like this).

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    I don't want to appear to be over previous about it (given that my own experience is very limited); but I am slowly becoming more concious of how cinematographers can treat the action of 2 persons speaking to each other. I am still at the stage of 'feeling' something is wrong, but am unable to articulate 'why'.
    Perhaps the editing of cut between 2 heads is a ridiculously easy task and it is solely down to the talent to give the illusion the conversation occured once; and was not filmed in steps.

    In retrospect. I concur, I am being over sensitive. The shot which looked oddest was at 0:29 to 0:34. The man appears to speak into empty space; then turns to the camera; then we get a flash of a few frames as he turns his head back.

    In view of the comments in this thread, I am hoping BroChris may consider re-shooting it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimAndrews View Post
    The shot which looked oddest was at 0:29 to 0:34. The man appears to speak into empty space; then turns to the camera; then we get a flash of a few frames as he turns his head back.
    Interesting. I saw this as entirely consistent with people having a discussion in front of a camera. When he's looking into thin air, I got the impression he was simply thinking about what he was saying (and quite naturally as well, not as if he was trying to remember his lines) as he concludes, he looks towards his audience - the cameras - and then turns to hear the other person's response.

    But clearly it IS wrong as it doesn't need to satisfy me, but needs to satisfy everyone who looks at it. And now you mention it I CAN see it as not looking right.

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    Well, I'm not going to reshoot it (as I have more videos to make soon), but I appreciate the advice. I see what you're saying about where the actors are looking. I'll try to provide more direction for them as I shoot more in the coming weeks.

    I hope to purchase a better camera in a couple weeks (still not professional, but at least a step up from what I'm using now). As for now, though, my camera doesn't have an input for an external mic, so I'll have to get creative as far as picking up better audio.

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