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Thread: corel x2 mpeg output improvements...

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    Default corel x2 mpeg output improvements...

    from my panasonic camcorder, the avchd files play in wmp perfect.
    when I save it from vs x2 as mpeg there are small on screen blips or tears in the playback, especially where the shot is panning?
    I choose custom mpeg 2
    and have tried the following:
    smart render off and on
    frame based , upper field first
    25fps and 60fps
    720 and 1080p
    100% quality and 90%

    btw, the mpeg 2, upper field, 100% quality, 60fps played from my sony??

    in fact I have tried as many variables as I can .. have I missed something obvious. side by side in wmp the mpeg2 is notably poorer than the original?


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    Hi Alex,

    I see you are doing a 720P is this for upload to Vimeo or Youtube, last year I put together a little video on how I converted to 1280x720P but now with the new Corel Video Studio Pro X3 it's obsolete.

    Have you checked the original file by looking at it's properties using Pro X2 it's better to stay with the frame rate and field order, this is more likely to be PAL 25fps upper field first in the UK, the same as I am on in New Zealand.


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