The story and visual inspirational qualities of the film spawned this video, which is arguably the best Avatar fan video out there. Perfectly edited with "John's Walk" from the "Ink" independent film soundtrack- retains the fantasy element throughout, and you'll swear the track was made for this video!

Presented in Youtube 1080p quality!

If that's too fast-paced for your tastes, try out another piece of work I did, this one's much more smooth, with still a heavy focus on music, but far simpler as intended - just an aerial video of me flying my Alpha 40 nitro plane:

Side notes:
The Avatar-Ink fan video was originally conceived by my friend Brian, but I went on to create my own version from the ground up- preserving about 80% of the original sequencing but changing some things around of course. It's also important to note that I didn't like the heavy use of masking/panning in the original, nor did I particularly enjoy the heavy film-scratch look filter- I felt it was overdone and degraded the picture. This isn't a Halo 3 montage, after all!
Anyhow if you'd like to compare the differences, here's a link to the one he posted. After looking that over you can see the differences I made. Both are "from the ground up" -type edits. We just couldn't agree on everything!

Edited in Sony Vegas.