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Thread: CAn I stop Adobe being crop happy?

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    Default CAn I stop Adobe being crop happy?

    Hey guys, I was really hoping one of you might be able to help me with a little problem I'm having in Adobe Premiere.

    I find that every time I drag a video clip from the source box to my timeline, adobe premiere takes the liberty of cropping the footage without my say so.

    I've taken a screeny to illustrate the problem, it can be seen here:

    I know it's very slight but its still rather irritating nonetheless. Could there be an option I might have inadvertently enabled? I'm sad to say that Google has on this rare occasion, failed to provide me with a resolve.

    Perhaps this is an unavoidable quirk of the software but if there's a way to avoid it, I'd be very grateful to whoever could guide me toward the solution.

    Thanks in advance.

    Edit: AAAAARGH I can't believe I foud the solution seconds after submitting this post. All I had to do was right click the clip in the timeline and select 'scale to frame size'.

    Do I have to do that for every clip I drag to the timeline though? It seems a little tedious and time consuming.

    Another Edit: *sigh* Just go to edit>preferences>general and then check the 'default scale to frame size' box.

    This is officially the worst asking for help post created by anyone ever! Sorry everyone.
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    Sounds like your project and clip settings are out of alignment to me! i.e different frame sizes

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