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    Ok, it's a showreel introducing my man Iliya doing freerunning.

    As well as it's introducing him, it's actually quite a showreel of my editing, since thats basically like, what i do haha.

    So let me know watcha think is in place and what's not and any other ideas about the video!

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    Not a bad job. I thought the editing was good. Everything fitted well with the music. Good stunts. Just one thing about the shots. They are mostly the same distance away from the talent. It's good that not all of them were shot from the side angle but it did feel that way.

    So having some long shots and close ups would create more interest to hold the viewer.

    BUT having said that I thought it was well put together.

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    Got it, and will be done from the next video.

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    Nice video! I really like all the action. I'd love to be able to do that stuff

    I wasn't a fan of the black blurred edges at the top and bottom in some of the shots. I probably wouldn't have minded them all that much if it was through the whole video.

    I like how you told a story. I was a little unsure, though, if the boy who wanted to do those things ever did them. I think I saw his hair on one of the jumpers, but I wasn't sure. Could have made that more clear by actually showing him sitting, then getting up, and running to do a flip. That is, if that's the story you wanted to tell.

    All in all, nice job!

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    Hi mate, it looks very good mate. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you posted the Bloodless Tracers bumper before, and unless my memory is playing tricks, it looks better in this video than I remember it.

    Good work.

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