We have a Sony Handycam SR12E which is used attached to a Haagen Pro windscreen mount and set up to record trainees driving our Rapid Response Vehicle on high speed runs.

At first we had no problems at all, the recordings were fine with no difficulties. Then over the last 2 months we started to experience problems. Firstly we were getting error messages "buffer overrun" and then a blue screen would appear with the words "data recovery". The camera would then go into standby.

Having emailed Sony UK for help we were told to reset the camera, which we did, and to format the HDD. We always did this anyway after a run so the footage was deleted safely as we never store anything on the camera, taking it off onto a PC.

Then after trying it out again, we started to get the message "data error" and "data recovery" the latter being associated with the blue screen again.

I thought the problem might have been associated with the drop sensor, as these error messages seem to all be linked to this facility in the camera. Once I had reset the machine and formatted the HDD, I also switched off the drop sensor, but despite this on a run today, was when the "data error" messages appeared.

Interestingly, the camera appeared to work fine recording with no problem at lower speeds up to 60mph fine, but once we get into the higher speeds 60-120mph the problems appear.

The odd thing is that nothing has changed since we started using the camera several months ago when it worked absolutely fine at all speeds.

I spoke with Sony again this afternoon who say that it will have to be sent back to them for repair at a cost of 176, despite the fact that it's only 14 month old and has only been used for a max of 12 hours in total!

I would appreciate any assistance offered as to what the problem might be and how it can be resolved.