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Thread: Thinking of adding new forums...

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    Default Thinking of adding new forums...

    The current forum format is a bit vague, so I'm thinking of adding more forums - anyone have any ideas?

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    Default Ever check out "EZBoards?

    EZ boards is different than this. I belong to the Ween forum. Ever heard of the band Ween? You can check out their music videos on the "WinAmp" TV channels...under "WeenTV."

    Their last music video, "Transdermal Celebration," just came out on TV. Back in October on the EZboard forum for Ween, they reached out to the fans to make a video for the song. A bunch of people uploaded summissions (I didn't have digital video stuff back then) was picked and now it's on TV.

    Check out a few threads to see the format....

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    I'm happy with the board software (just spent ages upgrading ), it's just that as the forum grows, I'd always planned to introduce new categories - but I'm not sure what to add now!

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    How's about:

    A news section - snippets of interest from the media industry

    Off Topic - General chat forum

    Just a couple of idea's.
    Who shares wins

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    News idea is something I had over at (but was too lazy to ever update!) - will def try that one again

    And I think I'll turn this section into a general chat forum - people often post here wanting suggestions/answers rather than commenting on the site...

    Cheers for the input

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    The thing is with the news section, people really need to help out to keep it going. It's probably too much for only one person to do and aside from that, you only get one persons version of the news then .
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    Hope people like the changes to the forums! I've added a few new categories and generally tidied things up... as always, I'm open to suggestions!

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