I have not much to do with video editing, but I need to capture a PAL D signal with an external USB video grabber, which actually works but the quality is not what I want. I am using a cheap device from DIGITUS, I even tried a WinTV Stick but not much different. If I display the signal on a normal FlatScreen TV the quality is quiet Ok, but if I use the capture device the screen is blured. Interessting is that if I use Debut Video Capure the quality is very bad, if I use VLC the quality is better, but not like it should. What are the differences between al the different devices? you can get capture cards from EUR 20 up to 150,00 with almost the same specification. Any affordable recommendation for a software/device combination which may deliver the best quality out of the PAL signal?
I would even have the possibility to get the signal as VGA output which looks much better on the screen as the PAL D but VGA capture devices are much more expensive (cheapest I found USD 250,00) and I have no idea what kind of capture quality a cheap VGA capture device delivers.

Many thanks in advance.

Regards arnold