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    Smile Music Video

    I Have Some Work Here i Would Like for You Guys to check out for me and Criticize me to see What i need to improve on. Heres a link to the Video.

    [ame=]YouTube - (Official Music Video) "Brand New" (Prod By WorldHoodieMafiaBeat)[/ame]

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    Most of the filming was reasonable but the editing needs to be much tighter I didn't mind the FX transitions in fact they worked well in places but I felt it was over used and did always work well like at 1:27 that one particularly looked horrible. Get rid of the wobbly FX at 1:15 and most of the other unnecessary FX like to flare at 1:44 and the old movie FX at 2:39. etc.... The over lay at 1:35 didn't look good to me either.

    You missed the opportunity to cut to the beat and the pace of the cuts could have done to be more varied. A lot of them seemed to be around the same duration. So it just comes across as here's a clip for five second leading to here's another clip for five seconds etc.. this will cause viewers to switch off and move on to some other YouTube video.

    I know I've pointed out a lot that I didn't like about the it but I've seen worst for this type of video. I think it did have something going for it.

    Hope this helps.

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    I Really APpreciate the Criticism..
    This is just going to help me with my future videos...
    Thanks Man.

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