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    Hi folks,

    I've got a question. I used a sony Cybershot (photo)camera to shoot some (underwater)footage. (Far from ideal, I know...). Sony calls the footage that is shot with this little camera: 640x480 VX Fine w/audio at 30fps (MPEG-movie), with VX being actually simply VGA for 640x480, as far as I understand it.

    I'm trying to edit this footage in premiere pro CS4, but can't seem to find a project setting in which the footage does not stutter when playing it in premiere pro or after rendering it in the media encoder CS4 and playing it in Adobe media player (CS4).

    Any idea what setting I should chose? Or should I first try to convert the footage into some other format? If so, which format and by means of what program?


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    "Or should I first try to convert the footage into some other format?" Yes... i think you should try this. Maybe .wmv

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    .wmv is usually designed for final viewing of a video and not for editing. You may be ok with this but I would recommend downloading a program called Gspot you will then be able to see inside the video ie the codec used and then set CS4 accordingly. If the footage is HD and your PC is not powerful it may still stutter on playback but at least you know you are working with the right settings.

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