I have no video camera experience, and I hope someone can at least point me in the right direction. I am an engineer who needs to use a digital video camera connected to a computer for a new invention of mine.

I need to process the image in ways that are probably not typical of video image processing. I donít need color, in fact, the quality must be black and white. I need to process pixel values in terms of arithmetic functions. For example, add/subtract one frame from another, multiply and divide, sum clusters of pixel values together, compute averages, etc. It must be done real time, although it neednít use 24 frames/second or whatever the standard rate is. The sampling rate could be as low as a few times per second. Also, the output will not be as video, per se, but as signals to drive other equipment, so the processing will somehow interface other software or equipment, which will use it real time ... nothing will be stored. This seems so unlike typical video processing.

Does typical video processing software do these things, or am I asking too much?

If what I need to do is in the realm of professional software, what price range are we talking?

Have you heard of anyone doing this sort of thing? Who could I talk to?