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Thread: Greenscreen/chroma key expert wanted for music video

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    Smile Greenscreen/chroma key expert wanted for music video

    Hi There

    I hope I'm on the right type of forum for this stuff...

    Basically, I'm a D.I.Y. musician who's just moved to London and I' like to get a music vid made in the hope that'll givev me a better chance of getting my music heard...

    To be honest, I had a look into learning After Effects, but started to cry as I realised anything I'm attempted to make would look like this:

    [ame=""]YouTube - Funny song by Bangs- Let me take you to the movies[/ame]

    So I've decided to look for someone with green screen/chroma key skills to help us make summat along these lines:

    [ame=""]YouTube - Guilty Simpson - Get Riches[/ame]

    As far as budgets go, I don't really have one, so you'll have to tell me how much you'd do it for, and we can go from there...

    But I will admit, the guy who did this:

    [ame=""]YouTube - Jme - Over Me[/ame]

    were asking nearly 650 which seems quite a lot?...

    Anyway, here's my music, give us a shout if you would like to find out more...


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    650 is pretty cheap mate, if you're talking shoot & edit. Probably 2 maybe 3 days work and cost of equipment hire is half of that price. Its all a little woolly and if you think thats expensive you are more than likely going to end up with something closer to the first video example. Although... there isnt as much difference as you think. Chroma is largely down to lighting and the reason the first video looks cheap next to the other two is backdrop movement. Notice how the cheap vid just uses quick stills of cars and there's little depth, whereas the other videos have animated text and suggestive depth of field.
    Food for thought....

    I'm happy to help but my pricing would be similar to what you've already been quoted.



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    650 is a great deal and I would go with that. I would have certainly charged you more!
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    Having sat down with AE and Video co-pilot, I think I might have under-estimated my own artistic/computer abilities...

    I think I just need someone with decent camera skills to hold the Zi8 and about 4-6 weeks for design/editing (cos I'm slow).

    Anyone out there fancy helping?

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    650 for that is an absolute steal.

    You'd be better off finding a part time job for six weeks and paying him to do it for you.
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