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Thread: Was this slideshow graphic done in vegas?

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    Default Was this slideshow graphic done in vegas?

    Hey there,
    It kinda sucks having my first post being a question but I'm in a hurry right now.

    I am wondering how this slideshow graphic background was made.
    I have so far found 3 videos that are using the exact same background with their slide-kind videos and this background makes it look really cool.

    Here it is:
    I have whitened out the text.

    How do I make a video like this, and is it done with sony vegas?

    Since I've seen this before I think it is some image that comes with some software.

    I would really appreciate anyone that can help a newb like me that probably doesn't even belong on a forum like this

    Thank you.

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    It's not an image which comes with Vegas. No idea where it came from. Sorry.

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