FLV Direct Player is a free nicely designed tool for viewing and enjoying your flash videos. These can be local files stored on any of your drives or online FLV files (such as those on YouTube). No complicated settings, no fancy incomprehensible buttons, just the standard controls you find in any video player, plus the possibility of making a copy of any FLV that this tool can play.

The latter is probably one of the program's most attractive features – it will allow you to open and play any FLV file you can find on the Net and save a copy of it in your system. The process is very simple. You just need to locate the video you would like to watch, then copy its URL and paste it in the ‘Open URL’ box provided. Once FLVDirect has downloaded the video it will automatically start playing. The ‘Save as’ option available in the program’s menu will let you do the rest.

The player’s interface is attractive and intuitive. It includes only those controls that are strictly necessary for you to play and pause your videos, and to change the size of the screen. Finally, the other few options available are neatly grouped in a small pull-down menu