I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but it seems like everywhere else i look, there's no help. Sooo sorry if it's not.

Anyways, me and my friend each strapped a camera to our airsoft guns and recorded while we had a 1vs1 war. I was planning to have it so that we would each have our own video playing at the same time on each side of the screen so we could see the war from both views, with the audio still playing from each. Unfortunately, i guess it's not that simple. Is there any FREE downloadable video editing software that includes trimming the video, split screen, and is fairly simple to use? Cause i'm not so good with this kind of stuff, i normally only edit drumming videos for youtube which is just fitting audio and trimming.

As for software right now, i have the newer Windows LIVE Movie Maker that was included with my computer :P and the AVS video editor which is okay but i need to split the screens. Any help would be appreciated.

Btw, i know i sound stupid on here. No need to flame me too much....