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Thread: Brand new to video editing...not sure where to even start.

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    Default Brand new to video editing...not sure where to even start.

    This seemed like the right forum. If not, mod can move it.

    I am brand new to the video taking and editing world, I barely have any idea what I am talking about.

    Ok so I just got a JVC HD Everio GZ-HM200. I want to start making movies, both family movies, and special effect projects. I want to buy video editing software, but I have no idea what I知 even looking for. The only programs I know about are Sony Vegas, After Effects, and Avid, but I知 not sure exactly what I知 even looking for.

    I want a program that let痴 me edit a movie frame by frame and alter layers in said frame, not just re-arrange clips like Microsoft Movie Maker. Specifically I want to undertake a short light saber effect clip. I can make the graphics easily enough, but have no idea how to input those graphics into the clip via frame by frame. Now that is just a side mission, although I want a program that allows special effects to be added, I still want said program to let me improve normal videos as well.

    I have a computer that runs Windows XP, and a decent enough budget to spend on a program, though After Effects is a little high, and CS5 cannot run on my computer.

    I suppose the real question is where should I start if I want ot get into video editing? Are there certain sites I should visit? What kind of program am I even supposed to be looking for? I think the term is non-linear, but I知 not sure.

    I知 brand new and am not real sure where to start

    Any help and or advice is appreciated

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    Sony Vegas Pro 9 will do most of what you want. You may also need After Effects if you want to get into special effects.

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