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Thread: What format/codec should i use (or you recommend)

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    Default What format/codec should i use (or you recommend)

    I'm editing my videos taken with my Nikon D5000 camera, its resolution is 1280x720.
    After a hard work i'm done with all the cuttings and editings in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, and now im at the part to export my sequence to some easy-to-handle video.
    I'd like to use my video to show cary on with a usb stick, or to upload to youtube. So it should be small in size, but still have good quality, and a resolution of 720x480 is more than enough.

    I've already tried som of the default codecs, but i ended up with a 2 Gb .mov for a 10 minutes of movie. If a divX codec can compress a 2 hour movie in to 700 megabytes, how could i end up like this?

    So please someone introduce me to the world of codecs and help me to chose a good format and a good codec, that will allow me to export my videos.

    What i would like to have for my 10 minute video is ~ 300-400 Mb in size, 720x480 in resolution, and still a good video and audio quality.

    Thank you for your replies.

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    DV or Mpeg 4 are a good start
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