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    Hi, I've been making short films for a while, and i'm happy with how my films are progressing - i'm fairly competent with a camera but I always find myself being limited when it comes to the edit.

    I've done a couple of videos recently that feel choppy to me, or lack flow when I watch them back - particularly the one below, however i'm not sure wether this is just because their my videos and i've watched them so many times, or wether it's something to do with my workflow and how I go about arranging clips on the timeline.. I think I might be overcomplicating things.

    [ame=""]ATBA UK Round 1 - The Edge on Vimeo[/ame]

    Anyway, there are two - any thoughts, tips, advice, inspiration on my editing and my camerawork would be greatly appreciated!

    Edit: Just noticed the single post rule - theres some more here if you're interested Re-Ride Media on Vimeo

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    No expert here...but.first off nice footage...clear, steady...too long for me..the set up to the action was 1:50 or so...Shorten it up.

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    yeah a bit too long but watchable.

    looksgreat fun, where is that ?

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    I don't see anything particularly wrong with it. A couple of minor things such as moving from underexposed clip to over exposed clip example 5:50. This will throw out your continuity. The other thing is an over all lack of narrative. Which may be why people have said it's long. If there is some sort of storyline for the viewer to follow like, here are the competitors, tension as the race is about to start, explosive action as they race down the hill. The triumphant winner at the end. That sort of thing will help to involve the viewer and keep his interest.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the feedback, I thought it went on a bit.. I tried to cater for the track, rather than finding a track that fitted how much footage I had, probably a bad move. I think the narrative idea is definately something i'll work on in the future - It would have worked well.

    @enc - it's shot at the edge board centre Much wenlock, in Shropshire UK.. Shame about the conditions.. in the dry there would have been alot more to film!

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    I liked the video! I particularly liked the clip lengths you used. They weren't too short, like what you'd see for action sequences. It lets you discern detail in the video...

    I really like Midnight Blue's idea of creating a narrative. It did start to lose my attention near the end but, like you, I would have cut the video to the song as well. If you like a particular song but it's length doesn't suit you, I'd suggest cutting the song, short or long, rather than finding another song you don't like as much that suits your desired video length. A video isn't too long if it holds my attention so, again, creating a narrative would help...

    If you can, I'd recommend trying to fix that underexposed moment in post-production...

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    As others have said, a film this long really needs something to engage the viewer - follow one particular rider or group of riders, or find some other "hook". Whilst this was watchable it was very close to being a montage - which has a maximum length in my book of two minutes.

    I agree with Gunboat about the length of the clips. All too often we see these sorts of things cut very tight with very short clips which is great for a promo, but not so for something which is more in the reportage vein.

    It is also far too long for one piece of music - especially as that is all we hear. It would be much, much better to get some live action audio in there. Let's hear the sound of wheels driving through the mud, grunts and groans of the competitors, commentary from the tannoy (if there is one) cheers, groans, laughter, applause, the snap of broken bones (OK maybe that's a bit extreme). Video is at least 50% about sound.

    Thinking aloud...
    Commenting on your comments about it being a bit "choppy" - I noticed this only really in the intro and I think this is down to a combination of the music used and the way you cut to it. The shots at the beginning were really just atmosphere shots - people carrying boards, crowds assembling etc. The music had a very strong down beat and you cut to this, which really emphasised the cut - it drew attention to it. I'd suggest that this sort of cutting is more appropriate with the action shots. This may be why you feel it's a bit choppy. I tried to imagine it with the clips being the same length but the cuts being made on the 3rd beat of the bar rather than the first and I think that would have made this part flow a bit better. Or use music without such a harsh downbeat for this section.

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    I am a beginner so please take that into consideration when reading, but I'd agree with others that say the intro was a little too long. I also thought that the shot of the couple lasting from 3.31 to 3.45 was way too long.

    I have been doing the same as you in as much as I tried to fill a track with clips, because I couldn't find anyway to edit down the track in iMovieHD.

    However, quite by accident recently, I have come across something that might help. I say might, because I haven't tried it myself yet, but I see no reason why it wouldn't work.

    I was trying to make ring tones for my iPhone, and it showed me how to make a cut of a track in iTunes ...

    Make your own iPhone ringtones for free tips and tricks - CNET Reviews

    All in all though, it's a nice video!


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