Hi there,

going to be recording some footage for friends at a fight event and wedding - so have been doing some research.

The above camera seems to be the camera of choice.

It's been many many years since i used a camera, so things have nmoved on drastically - and the more i read, the more i am confused!

I notice the above unit has the optional kit to record to Compact Flash (CF) - can someone explain to me the difference (quality?) if i were to use CF to obtain my clips or use the miniDV tape?

Also, on that note - can someone explain how the miniDV tapes work with the above camera - as i understand there are 2 different ways to record onto these??

Also, any wedding videographers out there (and / or fight event videographers) can you explain the most common setup? (E.g. 25 or 50 frames? Interlaced or Progressive, PAL or NTSC? (although i think the camera is PAL)) arrrggghhh - so much to take in!

many thanks for anyone's help and apologies for so many questions im just so confused!

Nei l