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    Question Video publishing platform

    Hi everyone,

    From Ghana I would like to ask everybody for information on so-called video publishing platforms. This is software that you use to publish videos with. Kaltura is a specific example or think about the software Youtube developed to actually play their videos.
    At the moment I am helping with starting up a software company here in Ghana and they're busy in developing their own video publishing platform. Existing platforms are either too expensive(think of $50000 with pro versions) or impossible to use. In the development procedure they are looking for information about specific parts within this platform, for example the video-encoding-system, the video player, analytic-software or the content-delivery-network.

    Now I hope that there are people who can help us with answering (some of) the following questions:

    1. One of the necessary parts is called a video encoding system, who used systems like this before and who has certain recommendations?
    2. Besides that we need a video player that supports live streaming and allows video+slide synchronization at the same moment. Is anyone familiar with existing software and can you recommend anything?
    3. The Content Delivery Network is used to safe all the data, who knows software which is not too expensive and usable?

    If anyone has extra information on this subject in general, please leave it in a comment because everything would help the and the Ghanaians a lot! Thanks a lot in advance!!

    Martijn, from the Netherlands

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    Default online video publishing platform

    Hello Martijn,

    I can understand the need for developing your own online video platform for developing country, however you should note that video hosting and bandwidth charges (that occurs in long run) are more costlier...and so would suggest following -

    Try to use youtube, and kaltura based on clients requirements - this will help save tremendous amount of $$$$

    In case you want to implement based on open-source / freeware software available online Open Source Video CMS and Podcasting Platform | MediaCore and PHPmotion :: Free Video Sharing Script - Free Youtube Clone - Free Youtube Script - free video sharing software - you tube clone - media sharing script - PHP Script - social networking scrript are good options.

    In case you want to build everything from scratch FFmpeg and amazon cloud front might be helpful for you.

    We can help you build such things based on your requirements as we have gain good expertise working with most online video platform companies.

    In regard to our company product Onion TV! Enhance Your Media Playback Experience! we integrate with most online platform and provide metadata solutions (table of content creation for skiming videos, tags insertions for better search-ability, clips creation for personalized streaming, slide synchonization for value added experience and more...). Our product is free to use on top of youtube but a paid SaaS license needs to be obtained in case you use other online video platform solutions.


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