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    We are looking for a creative music video editor to bring some creative and artistic ideas to our project.

    We have just shot a music video for a contemporary pianist that will be broadcasted in the UK on O Music Channel Network and very likely on Mezzo TV channel in Europe where our artist has already been broadcasted and still is.
    We are looking to get a 24 (TV series) feel and use composite in a creative way to make it work .
    Scenes have been shot at the piano on RED camera and some cutaways on HD camera around London . The track is called "On The Run" and is virtuoso, challenging and fast.
    We need some color correction and grading to be done.

    Unfortunately, we aren't able to offer a fee but rather compensation for the work. However, it is an exciting project and will provide great exposure to the suitable candidate.

    Get in touch to find out more and tell us about you.

    Thanks for looking.

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    Hey, Ive PM'd you regarding this

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