So just yesterday I posted how well things were going....Today premiere freezing, crashing, not responding...
I recorded 1080/24p with my sony ax2000(24 mbs)
converted to avi using neoscene
stored in G-tech 1tb ext. H.D.
started adding clips and transitions to timeline
trouble started at about the 4:00 mark

There are about 180 clips(car show)
it seems that rendering helps but just now I added two transitions with the work area rendered and it froze up. Had to force shutdown.
Restart, remove transitions no problems.
Clip properties; 1920/1080 23.976
Sequence the same

Timeline is rendered and ready to go to encore but it shouldnt be this hard,
I spent an hour and a half on the phone with adobe support.
RE-converted with neoscene.
Opened a new project....etc...etc.

Core i7 2.8
9Gb ram
Nvidia gtx 260...updated
prem. pro cs4
Cineform says the camera is supported.
This is a new problem I just cant figure out what changed.
Any help is appreciated.thanks