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Thread: How to reduce file size before burning to DVD?

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    Default How to reduce file size before burning to DVD?

    I am a TOTAL newbie I am working on Vegas 9.0 trial version for the first time and am simply pasting together two movie clips. Problem is the final movie is 5.7 GB and won't fit on a 4.7GB DVD. Is there a way in Vegas 9.0 to slightly reduce file size through resolution or compression or anything to make it fit?



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    What is the format of the clips ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    What is the format of the clips ?
    Eh . . before we go down that road, if you are running the trial/demo version of Vegas it is/was the case that that precluded you from making use of the DVD rendering format of MPG2. SONY uses a license from MainConcept to do this. If you haven't bought VEgas yet I'd make sure you can get to doing ANY MPEG2 rendering.

    Just a thought!

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    Default What size is DVD video?

    Remind me, what size video does video's being burned to DVD's get sized to?

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    Quote Originally Posted by claycope View Post
    Remind me, what size video does video's being burned to DVD's get sized to?
    Eh? What do you mean? Picture format size? Play-time size?

    If the latter I can easily and with great quality get a 2 hour onto a standard 4.7gb DVD-R .

    If you are concerning yourself with play-time then this FREE s/w is a total godsend:

    It has a simple User interface and Click Help tips - marvellous!

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    you could use Toast Titanium and just tell it to shrink the file to fit. (its a dvd authoring program thingy) You'll loose some quality but then you always do when reducing a file size.

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