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    I may be looking for something that does not exist. I recently had some old VHS tapes of important interviews transferred to DVD. The picture is OK but the sound too quiet. I thought it should be easy to edit the sound with something like audacity, but it is not. I first copied the VOB files to my had drive. Then I tried to use VDUB to take the sound off the files. VDUB finds some kind of errors in the files and won't extract them. I have tried converting the VOB files to other formats, but this does not help. The files still won't be allowed into VDUB. One would think there might be some program which would allow you to work on video or audio VOB from VOB files simply by importing the VOB files into the program. But it would seem that many complicated steps are required to do this. I am only moderate in my computer skills, so not a good candidate for extreme complexity here. I don't know if this is the right forum to ask this question, but thought I would try. Any suggestions?
    Many thanks!

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    I took a .vob file converted it it Any Video Converter (free down load) in to a .wav file with no problem. Could it be that there are separate audio .vob files on the DVD ?

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