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    We've recently been asked to cover a monthly event called the Tasting Sessions. It's basically mixing food, with drinks and watching performances based around what you're tasting. They've asked us to produce a video that really makes these events look unique and show how surreal the whole experience is and I just wanted to get some feedback on what people think of the video we produced for them. Thanks.

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    I think you got across very well, the uniqueness of "The Tasting Session" experience. Nice images and good editing also very good sound.

    The only thing I noticed was a little bit of colour saturation differences between the clips but not to the point of being distracting, was this intentional or was it a lighting thing.

    Well done.

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    (You may not want to show this to the client)

    What a load of pretentious nonsense which you manage to capture and enhance! I think you're giving them what they want but for me you've managed to get just the right sound bites and clips to satirise the whole thing.

    "They're making the impossible possible" err, No. They're putting up some decorations.

    "Mixing the front of house with the actors and the displays [shows chair stuck to wall] and everything it just brings another level to it" Yep. Another level alright.

    The 80s have come back - even worse than before. I wouldn't have believed it was possible.
    Still, if they can convince people to part with their money, good luck to them.

    [EDIT Out of Grumpy Old Man mode now. Of course, if people get enjoyment from this and it's not hurting anyone, then that's great]

    It's very well shot and edited and just about the right length. You've done a very good job and you're certainly putting together a varied portfolio on Vimeo. Two schools? That must have been your stagnant period.
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    Well filmed and nicely cut.

    A couple things I'd re-consider though....

    Quite a few of the scenes the colours are very lifeless... I think a bit more saturation and temperature could help make the scene feel a lot more lively and party-like.

    Also in my opinion you've dropped the music volume too far when interviewees are speaking, if you only drop it a little, just enough so you can clearly hear what the person is saying... then I think the whole film will just flow much better and feel less 'start-stop'y'.

    Nevertheless, well timed cuts and nice smooth pans. Professional and I'm sure pleasing for the client

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