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    Hi, newbie here.
    I made this in January whilst stuck at home alone. Haven't done anything with it yet, lemme know what you think!

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    Nice one. I liked it, once I'd decided to take the time to enjoy it. The pace seemed slow to start with but then it couldn't have gone any faster without destroying the atmosphere. There are a couple of technical issues with overexposure but, now that I've looked at some of your other stuff, I don't know if it was deliberate or just the restrictions of the auto-exposure of the camcorder.

    Some really nice vids on your Vimeo site, welcome to the forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuzzymuffin View Post
    Hi, newbie here.
    I made this in January whilst stuck at home alone. Haven't done anything with it yet, lemme know what you think!

    Very good. It would be even better of you tightened up the editing in a couple of places.

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    some nicely composed shots here, there was some overexposure and there was a lot of hiss in some of the opening shots, but I like the story.

    I agree with worddigger, maybe some tighter editing would have improved it, but editors will always say "it can be a bit tighter"!. I maybe would have like to see a final shot of what happens to the snowman after.

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    Yes, a bit tighter editing to hold it together better. What was that funky colour effect you put on it ?

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    thanks for the comments the over exposure was on purpose, i was being a bit experimental on the day, is interesting to hear the results.
    The colour effect I used was a 'bloom' effect found in FCP, and also a little tweaking of the colour wheels.

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    I liked the over-exposure, it added to the whiteness of the entire film, which I think increased the sense of fascination people get when they see a world-of-white from snow. Difficult to explain, but I think it worked well here. As long as it's not auto exposure, having it manually high on static shots actually seemed to work well.

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