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    Part 1 -

    Part 2 -

    This was my final project for Film 2. It was shot on the Panasonic DVX 100 and edited with Final Cut Pro.

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    I had one or two laughs - my favourite bit was when the zombie came in with the kitchen towel.
    I thought the main actor (is that you, Matt?) has potential, difficult to say about the zombie - he may be type cast.
    Main problems technically for me: hand held camera, unsquare shots, poor lighting/uneven lighting.
    Script wise: part 1 was far better, the "flashbacks" had some good ideas but were far too long.
    The opening titles were clever (though I don't personally like that sort of thing) but went on far too long for a short. Whilst they were used to set the scene, we only needed a second or two for that anyway. And it's not like we're all looking for the big names of the stars.
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    Hey guys, An interesting video. It had some good points to it like the opening titles, the variety of shots, the humour, some of the acting, etc. But I'll leave that kind of thing for others to comment on.

    My main problem was the sound mixing. The volume of the actors voices was way to low compared to the rest of the mix. This really put me of what could have been a very enjoyable video. I'd recommend remixing and doing another up load. Sorry if this comes across as negative, it's just a shame that what seems like a good humoured movie that has a lot of good things going for it has been spoilt by bad sound mixing.

    I see a lot of work has gone into it.

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    I'm just beginning to realize that youtube really ruined the sound. I guess that's what I get for uploading and not watching it first.

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    There were some laugh out loud moments in this video, "stop cleaning me" really cracked me up, Although there were a few jokes I didn't get, maybe cos I'm English. The script was very good and the lines were delivered well even though the acting wasn't brilliant.

    I think my main problem was the lighting, some of the shots were very dark which left them looking quite flat. This could have been solved with a couple of lights to give it that more professional look.

    All in all a very nice, funny short film. Well done.

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