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Thread: Vegas Pro 9.0 & Underwater Movies - Need some help, please

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    Default Vegas Pro 9.0 & Underwater Movies - Need some help, please

    Hey guys. First at all, thanks for stoping by. I`m a scubadiver and i film with Sony HDR XR 500v.

    I`m pretty new into video edit and i have some problems trying to find the perfect tools to edit my videos. In Vegas Pro 9 i use:

    Color Balance,
    Color Corrector,
    Color Corrector(secondary),
    Color Curves
    Soft Contrast

    From original footage i pretty much make a better quality movie by playing with this tools but im not 100% happy with the movies. Its just some amateur stuff.

    What tools i should use? How to make this movies better? I`ll appreciate any advice. Here is my last work. Thanks!!!

    ps: i have another movie ready to upload but i`ll do it in 1-2 days.

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    Can you do a white balance while your under water ?

    If not Sony put a white balance tool in it's bag of tricks in the latest version. This might help. To be honest it's hard to know without some sort of reference point to know what the colours should look like. The first video seems ok to me the second one is a bit green. So just move the colour curve away from the colour that is to dominant. eg if the image is too green move the pointer toward the magenta.

    In what way are you not happy with the video ?

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    I thought you did a pretty good job. The problem with shooting underwater is that very rapidly you lose colour - starting with the reds. As the colour information is simply not there, you can't really enhance it. This is why you need lights. And this is demonstrated in the second film in the sequence around 43secs. As you pass close to the corel on your left your lights catch it and just look at how it appears to change colour.

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    So, from colour curves i have to move the color into magenta. Thanks!!!

    I cant use WB underwater, all i can use is Record On/Off, Photo, Zoom(but i dont use it) and thats it.

    Why sony hdr xr 500v doesnt have underwater mode? I have a friend with a half price hd camera jvc who has underwater mode and colors are very nice, just the quality its not 1080p.

    Are there any software upgrades available for this camera nowadays ? Never did any upgrade.

    Where i can find the WB upgrade for Vegas ?

    Most of the times i`ve had on 100watts halogen but when you shoot few meters away lights dont do anything.

    I`ve uploaded the last movie but please wait for the full quality to render 1st since its a huge difference) On this movie at min 1:00 its a clip that i love how it is after edit. I wish all were like this but i have a feeling its like this because of the sun light. :(

    OK, so night dive movie seems ok, now the problem moves to 2nd movie and how to do it right now on )

    Thanks !
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    here its another footage made in Black Sea (low visibility, green water). Anything i could have done to make it better? Thanks.

    what Image stabilisations u guys know i can use ?

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