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Thread: Urgent video recording advice required

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    Default Urgent video recording advice required

    Hi. I own a panasonic HD video camera

    Whilst I am recording everything seems fine. However when I watch the footage by inserting my memory cartd into the pc i have problems. Everytime someone moves the image of the moving object is fuzzy. Looks like a wave effect. Recording still images is fine. Once i convert to dvd you still get the fuzzy images when you watch th eplayback on a dvd player. Any suugesti0ons would be appreciated.

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    Sounds like it could be interlace artifacts. When you render your video try lower field first interlace option as this is the usual setting for standard definition video. Or you could try de-interlacing and keep it in progressive mode.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi Mate

    I use adobe premiere pro cs4. Would this setting be found in the software? sorry but |I am a newbie to this game.

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    Unfortunately I've never used Adobe Premiere Pro so I don't know where the different setting are. Is there a help button or manual you could read.

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