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    Hello, I am new to video editing. I picked it up as a personal hobby about a month ago and discovered that I really enjoy the process! I use video editing to mainly to create Video Montages of myself/friends playing online video games (Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2, World of Warcraft, etc).
    At this point I seem to have hit two sort of "roadblocks". First; To record our game-play, I need to use Video Capturing Software(VCS) that won't bog down my computer but can still capture constant good quality game-play. My old VCS was "Wegame" but it was causing a lot of issues with my PC. Second; My Video Editing Program I was using was "Camtasia". It was a good program, but I felt like i couldn't do all the things i wanted to my videos with the program. The effects I could add to a video was "Clunky" (sometimes it actually destroyed the clip), I could only use a single music file, and just other small problems.
    In summary, I am asking for advice on both a good quality VCS and a Video Editor(please no Fraps recommendations, my computer has trouble with it) for my specific editing goals. I have looked into Sony Vegas and a few other programs. I have free trials and am trying things out, but i would like some opinions from people who are doing/have done what I am trying to do now. All help is appreciated!

    Example Video of what I am trying to accomplish...but want to make it BETTER!;

    alot of people might not like the music played in the video, and for that i apologize. but once again, any/all help is appreciated. Thanks

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    My advise would be to stick with Sony Vegas.

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    Recommended, thanks. Do you have any opinions on any VCSs? Why would you recommend Sony Vegas over any/all other Software i could find. Like i said, I'm a beginner, and i don't have any idea on why things are being recommended and what they can do. Thanks for your reply!

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    From what I know about the different editing programs I have found Sony to be:

    1. It is the easiest to learn and use
    2. It is the best value for money, in that it does a great deal for the cost.
    3. It is upgradeable from Movie Studio up to Pro so you an start very cheap
    4. It doesn't have so many fancy whizz-bang transitions compared to some but it does have a very good tool bag full of very useful tools.
    5. It is very stable and has good support from this website.
    6. Sony should pay me for this.

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    Thanks alot for the info! ill work with a free trail for a bit and see what i can do. Do you know of any good Video Capture Software?

    Also, once i become adapt with Sony Vegas, can the program get me similar results as the effects done in this video ;

    Or the effects done in the -"Special Thanks"- portion of this video {(Starting at 4:30)}

    Thanks again.

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    I don't use VCS so I can't advise on that.

    In the first video did you mean the gun sight overlay if so Yes Sony can do that but you have to have the media to overlay it on the video.

    In the second video if you mean drawing around the soldier I don't know how that could be done in Vegas.

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    Hello again. i was wondering if anyone Knows if a PVR will work for a recording on a PC like it does on a Xbox360 or a PS3? thanks in advance!

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