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    Hello, I am new to video editing. I picked it up as a personal hobby about a month ago and discovered that I really enjoy the process! I use video editing to mainly to create Video Montages of myself/friends playing online video games (Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2, World of Warcraft, etc).
    At this point I seem to have hit two sort of "roadblocks". First; To record our game-play, I need to use Video Capturing Software(VCS) that won't bog down my computer but can still capture constant good quality game-play. My old VCS was "Wegame" but it was causing a lot of issues with my PC. Second; My Video Editing Program I was using was "Camtasia". It was a good program, but I felt like i couldn't do all the things i wanted to my videos with the program. The effects I could add to a video was "Clunky" (sometimes it actually destroyed the clip), I could only use a single music file, and just other small problems.
    In summary, I am asking for advice on both a good quality VCS and a Video Editor(please no Fraps recommendations, my computer has trouble with it) for my specific editing goals. I have looked into Sony Vegas and a few other programs. I have free trials and am trying things out, but i would like some opinions from people who are doing/have done what I am trying to do now. All help is appreciated!

    Example Video of what I am trying to accomplish...but want to make it BETTER!;

    alot of people might not like the music played in the video, and for that i apologize. but once again, any/all help is appreciated. Thanks

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    I think sony vegas is a quite a good program for what you want. Its got quite a few good effects and i wouldn't say its hard to use. Once you get used to the interface and workings its easy to use. Now recording software i don't know to much about i myself use fraps but since that doesn't work for you maybe try gamecam or type in google free game recorder.
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    Thanks alot! i appreciate the advice. Do you know if PVR will work for PC as it does for an X-box or PS3?

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    Well as long as it can be connected yes. But a hd pvr would cost alot more than some recording software and sd ones still cost alot.
    When the pin is pulled mr grenade is not your friend but when the handle flys off he definitely hates you

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