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    I'd love to hear what people thought of my video for a new version of Einstein a Go Go that I've also created.
    It was based around an animated light painting of my recumbent bike racing through a high speed world. There are also bits of computer animation and video footage thrown in for good measure and all brought together using Serif Movieplus X3.

    Anyway it's a fun thing so I hope you enjoy.
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    Thanks for posting your video. I appreciate the work that must have gone into it. I can't say it's my cup of tea but you put it together well. Good editing throughout.

    The one thing I would say is, I found it difficult to keep my attention for the whole duration but I don't want you to get the impression that it's not good.

    Like I said it's just not my thing.

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    I find it difficult to judge this sort of thing as the video is not the main thing.

    If it's about the music, then the video doesn't really need a narrative (though it's great if it has one). However this isn't really music to be listned to - it's music to dance to. I can't really see someone sitting down and watching/listening to this.

    It's more like the video is deigned to be projected at a club - where it would, I imagine, work very very well. Here you'd want lots of different images, contrasts etc.

    But to sit down and watch, you really need some sort of narrative, and it surprised me how little narrative is actually required: the scenes with the recumbent in had me watching, simply because I wanted to know where it was going, where as the rest of it, whilst interesting images, lost my interest pretty quickly.

    Those are my thoughts: I don't know what to make of them so I'm sure no-one else will.

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    some very nice visual effects here, I was very impressed. I find it hard to sit and watch a whole video composed of this kind of material but it was very well done and it suits the style of music brilliantly. Very reminiscent of 90's rave music videos which I'm sure is what you were going for.

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    Thanks guys for your feedback.
    I appreciate your comments about the length of the video. I was sort of caught in the middle between shortening my track and making a video for that or keeping the original dance track and making the video for that.
    I am primarily a musician so I obviously went for the 2nd option.
    I wanted it to have lots of energy and as TimStannard said it is meant to be an accompanying visual in a club environment. If indeed I can get it in somewhere!!
    I did struggle a bit with the shape and thread of the video and I know it's never going to win prizes for the emotional narrative but I was pretty pleased with what I managed to achieve with very limited resources.
    In my head the story is that my little cyclist man is the manifestation of the idea of the genius and rushes through this frenetic world and off into uncharted territory that is yet to be explained. As I said that's in my head!!!!!.....and I've got to try and live my life with all that going on inside!


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