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Thread: Looking for Editor and Camerman Reading Area

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    Default Looking for Editor and Camerman Reading Area

    Hi -

    We run two small companies that require some video that will be viewed 90% of the tim eon the web and 10% on DVD. We have been using a company in Manchester but would like to find someone closer we can work with - ideally in the Henley-on-Thames area (or as close as possible).

    The first job we have is a small editing job where we need a promo or our new company edited. It was filmed and the content is on DVCAM tapes. We just need a 2-3 minute promo from the footage. I would estimate this is a one-day job.

    We also need a camerman on June 1st to film on London at a restaurant and in Reading area at a business. Both videos will be interviews but we need the restaurant part will include filming a chef at work. Both the restaurant and business are well known. This will need to be edited too.

    Finally, we need a cameraman and editor for a 2-5 day filming project (plus how ever many editing days). We are also looking for a director for this (as there will be actors) but I dont think this is the right place to look for a director? Filming will be in the Henley/Marlow/Reading area. I have a treatment for this project.

    We really would like to find a small company we can work with long-term. We have a number of projects coming up and I can go through these in more detail. We are a small startup so bear that in mind when quoting us (we have budgets but they are not huge for the first jobs). It is also very important that you are reliable and can meet deadlines as we just worked with a local company who really let us down and did not live up to expectations by any means. We are serious about our work so hope to work with people with a similar mind set. We would like a long-term partner.

    Looking forward to hearing back - this is a great forum.


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    Hi Andy, I run a production company called Luma Productions. I have PM'd you with more details. I look forward to hearing from you.

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    Hello Andy,

    I am very keen to speak to you regarding this. I have emailed you.


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    Hi there, i can provide all of what you are looking for , i direct aswell . We work in broadcast and buisness to buisness and drama .We have our Xdcam kit and in house editing , we do voice overs etc the whole shooting match.
    or mail me through here.

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