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Thread: Need help with FLV to DVD

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    Default Need help with FLV to DVD

    Hi. I have downloaded a video from YouTube and it's in FLV format. I plan to convert this to DVD so it can be played on TV/DVD player. I tried converting the file using Iwisoft Free Converter and choosing Mpeg2 format. It was able to be viewed on the DVD player however it doesn't have the sound. Is there something wrong with using Mpeg2 format?

    I tried to use Windows DVD Maker and it worked, however this time the sound and the action is a bit mismatched. The sound comes just a bit later than the action. Is there something wrong with how I converted this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    This sound lag problem could simply be a consequence of what the video has been through. The format .flv is a good formate for putting video on a website but it's not great for then turning it back to an mpeg2 to put on a DVD.

    I think, but I'm not 100% certain, that the quality of the codec will also have a bearing on the final result.

    If you follow Jimmy's advice and convert it to a lossless .avi first this might resolve the problem but there is not guarantee when doing this sort of thing. I have done this in the past and found it worked but I was only using small clips that had been converted to .avi and then mixing that with other footage in a video editing program.

    I'm not familiar with the programs you used so I can't advise of specific settings.

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    Jimmy and Midnight Blue, thanks for the response. I wasn't able to try as suggested because I just got to see this reply now. However, I was able to make it work by using another video converter called Total Video Converter. I have no idea what is the difference between this and the previous one I used, because I also picked MP2 as a file to convert it to. So why would one work while the other didn't?
    The reason why I usually pick MP2 is because it seems this is the format that works with our TV/DVD player. I used to try .avi or even other formats that are suppose to be for video (as per choices on the video converter) but it doesn't play with our DVD. I don't know why either.
    Appreciate your time for replying to my post.

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    I've used Total Video Converter with success in the past to. I'm glad you managed to get a product. mpeg2 is obviously the right format to make DVD's from and as to why the other converter didn't work must be down to either the codec used or the code of the conversion program not being up to scratch. You computer could just have been a bit tired that day.


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