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Thread: "Change the world" - the official musicvideo made by me

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    Default "Change the world" - the official musicvideo made by me

    Hi there video people.

    Just wanted to share one of my video that I did.

    I directed, filmed , cut & put together everything.
    Its filmed in 3 countries and 5 cities.


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    I recommend making the text of the credits bigger (so it is easier to read). And I recommend adding a Year (2010) after the copyright notice.

    I watched it all. That is rare. Congratulations on the hard work. It shows.

    But. I was disappointed. There appeared to be no story; and because I did could not hear all the lyrics, then I did not get any message.
    Without understanding the purpose of the song; the international collaberation aspects of the production left me thinking "so what?".

    I look forward to seeing future works.

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    I was going to critique this video but noticed it is in the user fan section.

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    I apologise for having made my critique, I forgot the section.
    But then again, perhaps I am a disappointed fan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    I was going to critique this video but noticed it is in the user fan section.
    Go ahead, Midnight. It is for critique. The reason this is separate from the main user section is because people got fed up of critiquing excellent camerawork on something only to later realise that's 'cos it had been copied from a pro shoot.

    The description of this section reads:

    Fan Videos For critique of all non-original edited content videos (so called 'fan videos' using footage borrowed from other sources)

    so you can retract your apology, TimA

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