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Thread: dvd bad "pixel"

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    i wonder if someone can help me,i am using studio 12.1
    the problem is when i put project on that i photograph in 16:9, on the time line
    and render it to dvd,there is a "bad pixel" all over the screen.
    the problem is that before 1 month everthing was ok, i mean the res of the final reslut on the dvd os ok, i mean no pixel on the screen!!??

    anyway i am new here,so i hope can someone help me!

    Thanks jacki

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    Hi, I am guessing you are using Correl Video Studio 12. Forgive me if I am wrong. If so I have exactly the same problem. It worked well until last February. I tried re-installing the progam but got the same problem again. I contacted support who were of no help though the advice was to buy their latest product or pay for support which may or may not help!! I have had to concede defeat after a lot of fidling with the program. Incidently video studio 11 suffers the same problem so possibly a Windows XP update could be the source. Roxio and Pinnacle work fine.

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