Hello guys. I have a bunch of clips that I would like to edit, and they range from 50mb ~ 400 mb.

Most of these are in WMV and AVI format.
I've downloaded the Windows Media Maker 2.1 to edit one of the WMV movie.

I just wanted to cut out the beginning parts (about 2 minutes of it) and save it. But the thing is, this simple procedue (the actual cutting only took like 5 seconds) was quick, but actually saving/exporting it to my computer is taking over 15 minutes.

Is there a faster way to do this? Maybe it's taking so long because my hard drive is fragmented like crazy? This video was about 300 mb in size.

My computer spec is :
I5 Quadcore @ 2.8ghz
4 GB of Ram
Gigabytes of free space on HD
ATI Radeon 5770

I appreciate any help or insight! Thank you