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    Few important notes before you watch the video:
    The camera shakes badly on some parts, excuse for that, our camera men weren't too serious about that haha.
    Also, 2 cameras used, the 2nd one quality is way off, but we decided to go for it as we had only a few hours to film it all...

    Just check it out as a cool fun project, and criticize it by looking at it as an actual promo and not as a parkour video...

    No offense to Nesstea company, we actually love it haha!

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    bump up due to the large amount of feedback ahah

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    Not a bad effort. I thought the editing was good. You kept it nice and snappy and short and you even had a narrative which helped it along. The only thing I would complain about was the nasty jump cut at 1:10.

    Well done, I have the urge to say dude even though it's not in my vocabulary.

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    For an ad it takes far too long to get going. The cuts going into the shop and buying te drink are OK but the walk from the shop and the whole tying the laces thing go on for waaaay too long.

    I liked the use (but not over use) of Dutch Tilt. The blatant disregard of continuity of action which normally hass me reaching for my pedant hat is fine for this sort of piece.

    The concept, whilst hardly original, as you've pointed out, was OK and the running off at the end had a good feel to it.

    Gotta agree about that jump cut though and I didn't really like the intentional one at 46secs as it looks like a repeat (but with one of the characters missing). Maybe a longer clip (starting earlier in the runners move) for the second clip would help here.

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    About 1:10, well, it had to be cut out since he got injured during the filming.. Thanks for the advice! dudes

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